Your body is not the enemy.

Oh, I know it feels like that sometimes. You just want to wear what you want to wear without having to struggle anymore.

You want to feel confident, free, and easy. But your body is bloated, sluggish, and tired.

There's an entire industry out there ready to sell you another pill, product, or get-skinny-quick plan based on the lie

that there is something wrong with you.

Beautiful friend, if deprivation and self-punishment were going to work, don't you think they would have by now?

Let's try a different approach. Let's love your body into shape.

Welcome to my signature work - The Vibrant Woman Program

  • Focused on nourishing, moving, and resting your body in the way that works best for you

  • Leads to natural weight loss, increased mental and physical energy, better sleep, and hormone balance

  • Paradigm-shifting focus on creating sustainable health, not masking symptoms

  • Includes the leading edge research on carbohydrate tolerance, aerobic deficiency, and adrenal fatigue

  • Eliminates the root cause of metabolic disease

  • Scientifically-supported, evidence-based, and rave-reviewed

  • Creates a solid foundation for ongoing health and fitness at any age

  • Based on understanding that symptoms like PMS, bloating, fat storage, and fatigue are messages from your body

It's time to come home to your body. She's waiting for you.

Join the women getting sustainable results using the Vibrant Woman Program...

One-on-One Coaching

Learn the Vibrant Woman foundations in a personalized high-touch container.

Vibrant Woman Course

Learn the Vibrant Woman foundations in a supportive group container.

Vibrant Woman Community

Enjoy ongoing learning and support in this alumni-only membership community.

Let's start right here!

Private coaching is the perfect first step to get you on the path to thriving. You'll learn the foundations of the program and how to apply them to your body in the way that works best for you. I'll be your guide on this exciting journey!

  • Six-month, high-touch, transformational container

  • One masterclass each month to teach the pillars of the Vibrant Woman Program

  • Three face-to-face Zoom sessions each month to personalize and implement the material

  • Access to bonus material, resources, and alumni-exclusive membership for community support

  • Unlimited Voxer and email support, so you never have to feel alone with this again

Enrolling now...

The Vibrant Woman Course is a ten-week online group immersion into the foundations of the program - nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, hormone balance, and intuition.

  • Includes masterclasses that teach the pillars of the Vibrant Woman Program

  • Implementation weeks sprinkled throughout to allow time to digest and apply what you learn

  • Includes weekly group coaching calls on Zoom

  • Peer support in the course-exclusive private Facebook group

  • Bonus masterclasses with guest experts

  • Includes one month free membership in Vibrant Woman Alumni Community

Join our Community!

Exclusive to alumni of the Vibrant Woman Course or Private Coaching Program, our monthly membership community includes:

  • New masterclass each month on topics determined by the community

  • Monthly group coaching calls with occasional guest experts

  • Access to growing resource library including recipes, fitness tips, safe products, articles, and videos

  • Peer support in private members-only Facebook group so you never feel invisible, isolated or alone again in changing your health habits in a world that just doesn't get it. We get you. And we've got you.

Before this program I was in such a vicious cycle of eating things that made me feel bad, and then feeling bad about myself for it. That's done now. I no longer have shame about my body. I now only eat foods that give my body energy. It's a form of self-love.


Frequently Asked Questions...

How are coaching and the course different?

Private coaching is a high-touch, one-on-one, personal container with a six month commitment to allow you to learn and implement sustainable health and lifestyle changes at your own pace. The course is a ten week online group experience. They both cover the foundations of the Vibrant Woman Program - nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, hormone balance, and intuition. They both use the same pre-recorded masterclass material to teach the pillars of the program. But the private coaching program provides a much more supportive and personalized experience, while the course is a combination of self-study and group work.

Who is this program for?

The Vibrant Woman Course is for any woman, cis or trans woman, or non-binary person who is comfortable in a space that centers the lived experiences of women and who wants to improve their health. I welcome women of all ages from all ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, socio-economic, and health backgrounds. The intention of all Vibrant Woman Programs is to provide a welcoming, equitable space where everyone thrives.

Is this program a low-carb diet?

The foundation of the Vibrant Woman Program is nutrition. The body can only make, heal, and repair itself with the raw materials - the nutrients - that we put in. The biggest missing piece from all the other programs out there, including Whole30, Paleo, Keto, Atkins, and The Mediterranean diet, is consideration of one's personal carbohydrate tolerance. My program will teach you how to decide how low-carb you need to be and support you in living in a way that honors that. This program is an intuitive approach, not a dogmatic one.

What level of fitness is required?

The foundations of the Vibrant Woman Program apply to all fitness levels, from people who have been mostly sedentary all the way up to well-trained, competitive athletes. I will teach you the universal principles that apply to the needs of all human bodies and then we will personalize those principles for you based on your experience, goals and intentions. Every body can do this program!

Is this program sustainable long-term?

Absolutely, yes! Many people find it a challenge to make changes to their lifestyle and eating habits in the beginning. That's why it is so important to have the right support. But this program is built on a scientifically-supported foundation of metabolic health. That means that we are returning your body to the healthy state it was born to have. Nothing could be more sustainable than that!

Do you coach men?

Yes! All of the foundations of the Vibrant Woman Program absolutely apply to the bodies of men too. Because of my personal history of overcoming burnout, I definitely have a passion to help other women who struggle as I once did. But I do offer one-on-one coaching for men who are interested in the basic protocols of this MAF Method based program - nutrition, carbohydrate tolerance, fitness, sleep, and stress. Please send me a message to get started.


This is the first step to listening to your body...

Sugar causes so much static in your system that it's impossible to truly hear what your body is saying. This free guide will teach you the critical piece that's missing from all the other "sugar detox" programs out there and get you on the path to thriving. It all starts here!

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